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The practice of Aural Rehabilitation

Purchasing hearing aids for the first time starts an individual on a path of rehabilitation similar to other conditions that require the person to learn a set of skills in a new way. Very commonly, a person with hearing loss has forgotten specific sounds both wanted (a loved one’s voice) and unwanted (noise) that an […]

The secret to staying happy and healthy

The secret to staying happy and healthy Open any magazine and you’re bound to find an article on how to turn back the hands of time. Posts on health and wellness are among the most popular on social media. Many of us hope to age gracefully and happily by looking and feeling our best. But […]

Separating hearing aid fact from fiction

Separating hearing aid fact from fiction Hearing and sight are arguably our two most important senses. Yet, if and when either starts to fail us (and both usually do as we age), we react to each quite differently. Look around at all the people with glasses, contacts, Lasik surgery or just cheaters, and it’s obvious […]

Can treating hearing loss help prevent dementia

Can treating hearing loss help prevent dementia? A study published in The Lancet, one of the world’s leading medical journals, called dementia “the greatest global challenge for health and social care in the 21st century.” The study, conducted by The Lancet Commission on Dementia Prevention and Care, noted that 50 million people have dementia worldwide and […]

5 Reasons to treat hearing loss

5 reasons to treat hearing loss So you’ve got a little hearing loss. What’s the big deal, right? It happens to almost all of us as we age. FACT: 37.5 million Americans 18 and older have hearing loss, including one out of every three, 60 and older. You can cope, you’ve decided. You’ll just turn the […]