Online Hearing Evaluation to Gauge Hearing Loss

Do you often find you are asking people to repeat themselves? Has your spouse or other family members told you how you speak loudly or asked you turn the television down? If so, you might be experiencing hearing loss. Now, it is possible that it could just be earwax buildup or something minor, but a long-term untreated hearing loss can lead to larger problems later in life. See if you should visit one of our hearing specialists by taking our complimentary online hearing test!

How does the Hearing Evaluation, test for Hearing Loss?

Our complimentary online hearing evaluation takes just a few minutes. The premise is simple, after adjusting your speaker volumes to normal levels (do not cheat and raise the volume!) words will be spoken to you one at a time. All you have to do is type in the word you hear and hit the continue button. At the end your results will be delivered via email, giving you a basic idea of how well your hearing is or if you may be exhibiting signs of hearing loss.

Once you receive your results, we highly recommend that you schedule a time at one of our 20 convenient locations in Ohio or Kentucky to have your hearing tested by one of our hearing instrument professionals. Then we can begin setting up your personalized hearing solution.

The evaluation below is provided by NuEar, it is an excellent tool to gauge how your hearing is before you set an appointment, or to allow you to gauge what your hearing levels may actually be. It, of course, does not supplement the tests and procedures administered by our hearing instrument specialists. Use our online hearing test as one tool out of many in the determination of the appropriate next steps towards improving your hearing. Upon completion of the test, we advise you to call and set up an appointment.

Take the free online hearing test below.

Online Hearing Test