Ear Molds

One size does not fit all

If you have ever put an earbud in your ear and experienced it falling out or discomfort after wearing for a while, then a custom earmold may be for you. Not only can we make earpod or airpod molds for a custom fit. We offer a variety of custom earmolds for your needs:

  • RIC Earmolds provide a distinct advantage in that the receiver can be changed out in the office. In addition, our embedded AP receiver allows us to disassemble the receiver configuration and re-orient the components, fitting the patient comfortably.
  • BTE and thin tube fitting solutions, the thin tube earmold is a great solution for individuals who are concerned with how an earmold appears cosmetically. The standard solution is appropriate for all hearing losses and ideal for severe to profound losses where an acoustic seal is vital to the fitting’s success.
  • Earplugs are earmold solutions designed to preserve hearing and ear health. Whether they’re protecting from sound to achieve a restful night’s sleep, from noise to preserve hearing acuity, or from preventing water in vulnerable ears, we have a customized solution for your patient.
  • Specialty solutions- Depending on your patients’ profession, they may need a customized solution to help maximize their hearing experience. We have molds for newscasters, musicians, pilots, racecar drivers, pilots, doctors, telephone headsets, and more.
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